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Reporter CGI, Bob, menulis dan mengirimi kita artikel:

9-11 ‘Master’ Perpetrator Finally Named by Dimitri Khalezov. Sekalipun Anda ingin mendukung Dimitri dengan menjual bukunya, The Third Truth, Anda tidak dapat membelinya. Buku ‘hantu’ setebal 600 halaman ganjil dan sukar dipahami itu tidak bisa lagi dibeli di manapun.

Jadi, akankah ada perubahan menuju yang lebih baik sekarang? Akankah KEADILAN akhirnya terpenuhi? TIDAK! TAK ADA yang terpenuhi mengenai itu, jadi tak ada yang akan BERUBAH! Jika Anda meragukannya, maka silakan kembali dan lanjutkan ‘tidur’ Anda.

Berikut adalah pengungkapan Dimitri Khalezov, terselip di antara berhalaman-halaman sebuah chat forum. Dan inilah yang dia katakan…..


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Dimitri Khalezov
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Re: THE THIRD TRUTH -=- The Book They Will Kill To Keep Out Of Your Hands


Jadi, Anda bertanya siapa organisator utama 911?

Sesungguhnya, saya telah menyebutkan di website saya bahwa saya tidak ingin mengungkapkannya secara online, kalau tidak, orang-orang akan kurang peduli untuk membeli buku saya (dan saya tidak mempunyai pemasukan, kecuali dari buku, jadi ini soal kelangsungan hidup saya).

Tapi tak apalah – saya akan membuat pengecualian untuk ini, jika Anda betul-betul ingin tahu, tapi tak ingin membeli buku saya…

Namanya adalah Mike Harari* – mantan Deputi Kepala Mossad, bekas teman Presiden Bush senior, dan mantan deputi Jenderal Noriega (diktator Panama).

*Harari pada tahun 2010 ini berusia 82 atau 83 tahun.

Baca lebih lanjut di: www.clubconspiracy.com/forum/f33/third-truth-book-they-will-kill-7945.html#post57078.


One thought on “‘Master’ Pelaksana 911 Akhirnya Disebutkan

  1. Oh people, it is a big lie to tell the people that there is an allowance for your so-called jihad today. You all miss the point that there HAS to be an Khalifat and so Has to be an Khalifah for the permission for jihad.The last khalifa was the ottoman sultan which got taken away in the 1930 and with whom the Khalifat ended. SO- There is no khalifa now and any jihad against anything exept against ones own self has NO PERMISSION. That is why the muslims ARE WAITING for IMAM MAHDI! Then there will be an Khalifa. Everything else is the biggest lie.Foolish people fall into the well prepared traps spread among muslims since 150 years by the dirty hands and works of secret services. Squarehead-people will never understand this.
    with best wishes Dr. Aswaz truv

    Dr. Aswaz Truv

    Sorry-dear reader.
    Since nearly 200 years- if one sincearely wishes to understand what it is all about- one HAS to look at the intentions and works of the “most-of-all-criminal-organisations” ,socalled -Secret Services- unfortunately now spread all over the world.
    This I am writing as an expert in this field.
    All what is written above and elswhere about ,no matter where in the world and in whatever disguise used to manifest theire humanity-poisoning activities,if one wishes to stop that most-criminal-actions one must first of all stop all the socalled “wolfs in sheeps clothes”-the Secret Services-In the first row CIA,Mossad, ISI(=CIA)ect,ect.Taliban IS CIA! Al-Qaida IS CIA! Jihadis ARE CIA! Hamas IS Mossad! etc.etc.
    These agencies have to be shot down forever,their agents and all of those who are involved ,no matter from which walk of life,or those intending to get involved in such an activity- quickely be put in prison for a very long time.then,and only then there will be an end to such nonsence -activities.
    But I am sorry to say that this will first of all not be enough believed and also those organisations are so powerfull today and act above law that the only way to stop them from doing there evil backround-work will be some happening like an asteroid hitting the earth and ending all that most-criminal activities on the spot,because people now are in their deapest sleep since the beginning of HUMAN mankind.
    With most good wishes for the change of mankinds condition we are in now. Dr. Aswaz Truv

    Ps.: These plastic-muslims doing the dirty work for their hidden or not hidden criminal agencies,are the most foolish ones.Why? First and most important of all:
    !!!!!!! THERE IS NO PERMISSION for their socalled JIHAD!!!!!!!!
    How This can be?
    Go! and find out-but ask not the fanatics and extremists
    -they know NOTHING!
    That is Why they are involved.
    And the fact that they are involved alltough there is no permission ,is the most clear sign that Secret Services are financing,supplying with weapons,and doing the propaganda work for it -and for the public-against it.And none of those individuals,no matter what the may be told or believe about,will ever enter paradise or become a matyr by doing such criminal idiot-works for the only benefit to lay much more heavy burdens on themselves,their families,their communities,and even whole mankind,poisoning -for the benefit of their hidden or not hidden suppliers -their hearts and the hearts of all those around them. They are the biggest idiots in that whole game-and the biggest losers. AND SECRET SERVICES KNOW THIS FACT VERY WELL-THAT IS WHY THEY ARE DOING THIS DIRTY WORK NOT BY THEMSELVES-THERE ARE MANY FOOLISH PEOPLE OUT THERE TO MANIFEST THE WORLDS MOST-SLEEPING-ELITES CRIMINAL INTENTIONS.

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